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We are not a brokerage or a bank! We are an unbiased consumer advocacy group that helps Canadians and Americans save money on their financial obligations!

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Credit Solution, Customized for Your Needs

United Relief Centre presents a need-based approach for all your credit needs. Using our credibility and relationships build over years of sincere services, we strive to build a sturdy bridge between those who seek credit related help and those who are able to provide it. We will align you with a solution perfect for your needs.

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Canadian Mortgages

Enter the Prospective & Profitable Market

With experts associated with the Canadian mortgage industry for more than two decades, we can help you choose a mortgage option that is in your best interest. With strategic relationships with numerous lenders and brokers, we can help you find a unique and customized solution for your needs.

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American Mortgages

Helping You Realize Your American Dream

In a housing market as unpredictable as in the US, you can always rely on our expertise. Whether you are first-time buyer or looking for a new home, we offer the most honest and knowledgeable financial advice. We will help you choose a mortgage option that is .

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United Relief Center is an organization that diligently serves the real estate industry across North America. Our mission is to empower the real estate and housing industry of the region by improving financial literacy and consumer awareness.

At URC, our objective is to provide expert advocacy and absolute support to homeowners and buyers by enabling them to see and choose the options available to them. In this aspect, our focus is home ownership mortgage relief programs as well as credit and debt relief programs. We are not your next-door brokers. Instead, we provide information, qualification specifications, regional availability details, and transaction coordination for programs that already exist for you.

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“While Canada has one of the most profitable real estate investment markets, I trust URC for making it even safer and secure for first new investors.” – Jules J. Jordon

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